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2016's Best of Alternative Living

Used to be that you either lived in a house or an apartment building. But nowadays interest in alternative types of dwellings has exploded. For starters, the Tiny House Movement has caught on to the point where it's now diversifying, as we saw with this Tiny A-Frame Cabin.

And the $95,000 Luxury Tiny House.

Speaking of luxury, while you might not want to live here full-time, this Walkthrough of a Luxury Camping Tent drew some eyeballs.

Out of your budget? If you spoke Japanese, this year you could've applied to live rent-free in one of Muji's new experimental house designs.

Or maybe you prefer life on the road. Mike Hudson does, and that's why he converted his van into a wood-paneled home for his perpetual road trip.

Speaking of life on the road, we got to see what long-haul truck drivers who have luxury sleeper cabs live in.

Perhaps the most amazing dwelling we saw this year was the one built by two guys--using only hand tools!

Of course, we couldn't talk about alternative living without checking in with folks whose job is it to create homes. Connect Homes co-founder Gordon Stott sounded off with "How to Fix Pre-fab Architecture? Make It More Like Product Design."

And speaking of alternative living, Ben Uyeda is making a huge contribution in this field by empowering others to furnish their own homes. Be sure to read "Meet the Architect Who Quit Designing Houses for the Rich to Provide Free Furniture Designs for the Poor."


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