Lifetime Leather

News & Stories — 17. April 2020
What inspires us is the natural character of our leather products, which has a unique patina that adapts to the individual life of its owner.

Each piece is unique, living, smelling, and breathing with us.

It tells of everything we have experienced - of sun, wind, rain and other everyday events that we are experiencing.

The basis of a real patina is high-quality, pure and, if possible, untreated natural leather.

When it comes to terms such as real leather and quality, but also precision and functionality, FORMOST with the Sonnenleder manufacturer relies on real craftsmanship far beyond mass production.

Traditional, vegetable tanning, 7th generation craftsmanship, first-class processing and timeless design guarantee the longevity of these products.

Once in your hands, this unique piece becomes a faithful companion.


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