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These Sketching Portfolios Will Amaze You

If we want to see the best of design sketching around, we never have to look much further than Coroflot's wide range of portfolios. After scouring the site on a daily basis, searching for interesting products and sketches from our direct community, we've racked up lots of awesome hand-drawn visual delights. From work by illustrators, industrial designers and graphic designers alike, the inspiration is endless. 

We thought it would be rude not to share the spoils of our browsing binges, so here are a few of our favorite sketches up in the Coroflot-sphere as of late:

Mauricio Cavalheiro
Mauricio Cavalheiro

Automotive designer Mauricio Cavalheiro's attention to detail on his vehicular creations are remarkable—we also can't help but want to hop into whatever ride he's designed within his portfolio. 

Andreas Mehne

Designer Andreas Mehne's accompanying sketches for the products he designs are fun while making the functionality of a product that much more comprehensible. They playfully seem to borrow from the aesthetic of airline safety cards, demonstrating all the different ways his products can be used. 

Ryan Mather

Ryan Mather's sketches are a great source of inspiration for those interested in the realm of soft goods. The drawings show lots of interesting structural and material experimentation while the final renderings are not only realistic, but also super fashionable. 

Gabriel Nicasio
Gabriel Nicasio

Speaking of fashion, we would love to own any of the sneakers that Gabriel Nicasio sketches or design.

Zach Handziak

We love seeing designers' outlandish concept sketches as well, like Zach Handziak's 'Interstellar UPS' spaceship design. As the designer so aptly notes, "as time goes on and our home expands, a constant is our desire to share with one another and let them know we are there... even when they're 200,000 light years away." Way to be thinking head, Zach!

Zach Hastings

Zach Hastings' impressive attention to detail shows that when it comes to design, you have to sweat the small stuff. We also like some of his drawings that delve even further into brand identity exploration. 

Kelly Custer
Kelly Custer

Industrial designer Kelly Custer's illustrations are straight-up eye candy—she also has a great step-by-step tutorial within her portfolio to show you how she builds up a life-like rendering from start to finish. 

Dan Winger
Devon Palmer
Devon Palmer
Eric Groner

Finally, we get lots of joy from seeing everyone's sketches for vehicles ranging from ultra glossy sports cars with high horsepower to fantastical steam-powered automobiles, helicopters and tanks.

Keep up with the awesome sketching, designers! And if you want to check out more that Coroflot has to offer, you can scour all the amazing projects here. 

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