Lifelong learning

News & Stories — 28. May 2021
We experience a fascination for learning, abstract or strategic thinking on a small or large scale every day, without even consciously perceiving or even appreciating it.
It's actually a pity, because aren't these insights and experiences exactly what makes us who we are? 
Give them space, and we'll give you the tools:
  • Writing utensils and notebooks are where the aesthetics & functionality release creativity.

  • We encourage unlimited play with design classics by Peer Clahsen and Alma Siedhoff-Buscher, in the style of art education, produced to perfection by Kurt Naef.

  • Good and consistent from the very beginning: Educational toys from the Fröbel pedagogy's laboratory of ideas are an indispensable part of the Edu Toys, which have long since established themselves worldwide not only in kindergartens and children's rooms, but also have a firm place among collectors in design exhibitions and museums.

For showcases and "only as a design object" that's not too bad, right?


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