Armchair for "Hindenburg" in flames

News & Stories — 22. June 2020
The Stendal chairs for the Hindenburg are a remarkable success - they were even published in the Bild newspaper, something that the designs don't usually achieve. 
A film about German aviation history made it possible.

It's nice when a film production can still turn to the same manufacturer after 83 years for historical accuracy!

The decorators of the Hindenburg had some good luck! In 1928 the original furniture was built in Stendal.

The possibilities of digital trickery in film have advanced much further, and one would think that people and objects could be saved from real destruction today by means of advanced technology.

But the filmmakers of the RTL film about the Hindenburg catastrophe of 1937 decided to create a real fire. With the L&C Stendal, one would have the rare good fortune to have the original furniture of the legendary airship, such as the "Kufensessel BERLIN 450", the "Freischwinger Sessel BERLIN 450" or the "Servicio" serving trolley for the film, made by the same producer who had supplied the saffron yellow seating of the real Hindenburg. The large dining room was equipped with the "Mensa" and "Berlin" models in the studios in Cologne, extremely true to the original, and then sacrificed to actual flames for the second time since 1937 during filming.

Nevertheless, it was precisely this commission that gave the armchairs a second life, as design aficionados discovered the wonderful classic not only in the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, but in film as well.

The new edition was so convincingly successful that the Stendal factory was able to manufacture the Kufensessel BERLIN 450, the cantilever armchair BERLIN 450 once again in series production and sold all around the world.

The fact that the successors of what was once Europe's largest tubular steel furniture factory with close contacts to the Dessau Bauhaus are thus reviving their classics department was certainly worth the flames' sacrifice and gives hope for further film projects. By the way: If you want the original, saffron-yellow imitation leather instead of fine black cowhide, you can get it from us as a special production!


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