The Rocking Car is back! Revival of an iconic design!

News & Stories — 15. June 2020
The internationally renowned sculptor Hans Brockhage, who was born in Saxony, studied from 1947 to 1952 at the Academy of Applied Arts in Dresden. With the traditions of his Erzgebirge homeland at his heart, he formed a rocking horse as part of a study assignment.

His teacher was Mart Stam and he had the decisive influence - "If a horse falls over, the horse is dead!". It was the ideas of the Bauhaus that led the young Hans Brockhage on the right path. The children's love of movement, the dual functions and the economical aesthetics of form are all the basis for this ingenious rocking car, which was created in 1950.

From then on, the world recognized the value of the rocking car: the child's enjoyment of play and aesthetic pleasure. The simple playing equipment became a design icon. It was presented at the Triennale in Milan, shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and auctioned at Sotheby's, and these are some of the stages in the success story.

The rocking car was patented in 1951 and produced in various factories in the former GDR, and after constructive negotiations Werkform GmbH was granted the exclusive license for its manufacture. Old rocking carriages were bought, the drawings restored and the manufacturing techniques intensively examined. The rocking car can now be purchased in its original design. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

This tradition continues, and receives its own valuable implementation alongside serial numbering and original stamps.

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