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from 10.00 EUR
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The Formost voucher is an excellent gift idea for friends and family. Our selection consists of products with a long tradition and history, but also from young designers. You will find outstanding industrial designs alongside unique pieces and a limited series of small pieces, and experience exciting new discoveries and unexpected reencounters.

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You can redeem the voucher for an unlimited amount of time in our store in Schwerin, in Berlin or in our own online store. The voucher code will be redeemed in the shopping cart or shown in the store and credited to your account.

Have fun giving it away.

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We believe that a truly good product is inherently beautiful and useful. This kind of beauty does not happen by accident though! At Formost we do not only find good products for you but we test them and tell the stories of the people behind these products. This way you experience a story while receiving something which shall last for generations and accumulate some nice stories itself.
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