Portrait: Cubelight table lamp

News & Stories — 30. April 2020
As an icon of modern industrial design, it has a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
The table lamp, often simply called the "Bauhaus lamp", perfectly implements the design principles of the influential school - form follows function.

The square stainless steel base is fitted with LEDs arranged in a matrix, and its dimmable light is refracted from below through a total of 18 transparent and coloured glass cubes.

The cubes can be arranged freely and at will. Tower construction is just as possible with the strictly formal cuboid that forms the basic shape. In it, the light reveals the precise structure of the glass cubes.

Each cube edge is ground by hand at an exact angle of 45 degrees. When the light shines through, it appears as if the lamp is passing through a filigree grid structure.

The varied light reflections and displays of light stimulate the imagination and fascination of this new design ambience lamp.

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