Playfulness in Design

News & Stories — 22. May 2020
No matter how old you are our classics from Naef, Danese Milano and Plattenbau will help you discover new shapes and motifs over and over again. With a little time and patience, skills and concentration, there are no limits to your imagination.

The principle of FORMOST

"Good product - good form" is the haptic and visual experience with the products of the manufacturers Enzo Mari, Plattenbau or Naef.

Enzo Mari's designs meet the philosophy of FORMOST to the point: "Children do not play games, they are not players," he says. They do scientific research; they want to understand the world through play. Without thinking, they understand even the most complicated things."

Our Plattenbau Cube, for example, helps both adults and children create meaningful spaces and shape them aesthetically according to the basic principles of modernity. As a conglomerate of the fields of product design, architecture, arts education, and pedagogy, the prefabricated building reflects the interdisciplinary work at the Bauhaus University of Weimar and embodies the model of the new Bauhaus.

With our curated products by Naef, it is - alongside the intellectual content - love and respect for the wood that gives it a unique quality. And so there they are, internationally sought-after design objects in their small, fine edition.

All curated products are handmade, unique pieces made from high quality wood, with a rich design history and endless combinations of possibilities.

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