The Beloved Game

News & Stories — 22. April 2020
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Chess is a royal game. Bauhaus master Josef Hartwig appears to have been a particularly gifted player. His chess game embodies the essence of what he loves.

Based on the ideas of the De Stijl artist Vilmos Huszár, Josef Hartwig created a game that is functional from the ground up. While Huszár abstracted the form of existing chess pieces, Hartwig's figure forms illustrate the possibilities of movement on the playing field.

Away from pictorial figures, entirely in the spirit of the Bauhaus, he focuses on the function of the elements: "The new pieces are formed from the basic stereometric forms of the cube and ball. Individually or combined, the pace is indicated by its shape, and the value by its volume."

The chess game was published in 1924 and was one of the first product series of the Bauhaus. To this day, there is an unbroken fascination with this game and its design worldwide.

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