News & Stories — 04. May 2020
PLATTENBAU sees itself as an homage to the spatial concept of the young Bauhaus.

In addition, it serves as a universal learning and teaching aid that helps understand and communicate complex relationships.

PLATTENBAU is made up of 25 velvety softly polished, geometric pieces of precious wood that build on each other and which when put together form a cube. This multi-layered wooden cube is packaged in a sophisticated, stone-grey cardboard box with a blinding embossing on the outside and a bright pink on the inside, which closes magnetically.
Used as a modular system for children, PLATTENBAU playfully promotes sensorimotor skills, aesthetic perception and spatial and inventive imagery. Used in everyday school life, it can be used as a working and illustrative model to convey content through high levels of abstraction of the elements and support the transfer between areas of teaching in a clear and tangible way. Adults use it as an aid to the presentation and structuring of abstract models or simply as a sensual and mathematical gimmick.

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