Innovative wallets from Holland

Industrial design and fashion combine to create pocket-sized everyday accessories. Made in Holland, with great attention to quality, human labour and the environment.

The company has breathed new life into traditional craftsmanship, helped people with limited employment opportunities find work and offered retailers a product that sells well. Secrid's state-of-the-art production processes are reflected in its patented click system, handcrafted workmanship and protection against unwanted mobile communication.

The road to a better world starts in your pocket.

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Brands with a long tradition can be found next to young designers, label and manufacturer names that you may never have noticed in the design sector. In today's world of products, a brand represents more or less justified consumer confidence in proportion to marketing budgets. Formost prefers to talk about use and a truly justified trust, and we test our manufacturers thoroughly. If you find a "Gute Ware" seal on a product, it is a branded product to our tastes.

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