Hocker BERLIN 450

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from 272.00 EUR
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2 Rohrbügel aus Rundrohr (RR) 25 x 2 mm verbunden, Gestell verchromt. Polsterung mit schwarzem Leder

Product details

Dimensions38 x 50 x 50 cm
MaterialBezug: Leder; Gestell: verchromt
Formberlin, L&C Arnold bauhaus Collection
Mass8 kg
Colorsschwarz, braun, sienna, rot, sand, moosgrün, dunkelblau
Year of creation1934
Production placeStendal, Deutschland

Once the largest tubular steel furniture manufacturer in Europe and today one of the most traditional manufacturering companies in Germany.


We believe that a truly good product is inherently beautiful and useful. This kind of beauty does not happen by accident though! At Formost we do not only find good products for you but we test them and tell the stories of the people behind these products. This way you experience a story while receiving something which shall last for generations and accumulate some nice stories itself.

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