Minimalism And Luxury

News & Stories — 04. May 2020
Lobmeyr breaks the naturalness of the ubiquitous material and brings its elegance and refinement back into everyday life.
Here, the craftsmanship can be felt in all its depth.

Constantly working on a contemporary interpretation of glass and at the same time never stopping to cultivate tradition, this is what impresses FORMOST with Lobmeyr.

Already the great-grandfather of the current managing director turned towards the artists of the Wiener Werkstätte. Until now the designers have come from different areas, be they painters, architects or designers. Their repertoire ranges from the classic cylindrical goblet by Adolf Loos to the Martini- and champagne glass by Oswald Haerdtl from 1925 and the super classic glass from 1856 by Ludwig Lobmeyr.


Over the course of the company's history, Lobmeyr has moved from mass production to unique designs for its products. It is exciting that most of the orders for the company have come from the Arab as well as Asian regions. Lobmeyr is represented among others by Dotzauer in the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai and the Hilton Jeddah Hotel in Saudi Arabia.

On European terrain, one of the most beautiful examples of this cooperation is the lighting installation at Cafe Albertina and chandeliers in the Hotel de France.


Andreas rath

6. Generation

Geschäftsführer in 6. Generation: "Heute ist man auf der Suche nach dem Authentischen. Wir haben den großen Vorteil, dass wir uns auf das, was wir können, konzentrieren dürfen: auf's Produkt. Die Leute erkennen Qualität; und ein Blaserl im Glas ist dann vielleicht ein charmantes, kleines Schönheitsmal."

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