Attention collectors: we have a new flower child in our store!

News & Stories — 02. May 2020
The special thing about the flower child collection from Wendt & Kuhn is that each individual figure consists of 82 individual parts, a musical angel in comparison, with only up to 20 parts in total. This handcrafted art fascinates not only collectors, but also the public.
The avant-garde products of the two founders conquered the Paris World Exhibition in 1937. For their composition "Engelberg with Madonna" they even received the gold medal and the Grand Prix, the highest award.
Their international breakthrough was assured.

In the more than 100-year existence of the family business Wendt & Kuhn, the company has a rich archive of its products and services. It showed the love and care of the company's founders Olly Wendt and Grete Kuhn. As designers, artists and entrepreneurs, they carefully preserved the designs of their figures, drawings and patterns.

Today's Wendt generation will gladly fall back on this treasure. And so it is that this spring you can once again enjoy "new old" masterpieces of handcrafted production.

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